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We are service providing for air conditioning central plant & refrigeration equipment sales & service

We are service provider of…

  • Blitzer India privet limited
  • Carrier air conditioning
  • Clivet air conditioning
  • Clevemeta air conditioning

Air conditioning equipment sales & service
Sales and service of central air-conditioning entrapment.

Central air conditioning of varies company
Air conditioning equipment sale & service like compressor, condenser, and expansion valve, evaporator, and refrigerant, copper pipe new air conditioner split air conditioner

Other products & services we offer

  • Air Conditioning Equipment
  • BITZER make Compressor
  • Domestic Air Conditioning
  • Refrigerati on Equipment
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • BITZER On Site Repair Services

BITZER Authorised Field Service Providers have the capability to offer BITZER technical support to the equipment owner.

On site compressor works can vary from minor repairs to component replacements such valve plates, electrical components or filter cleans.

For major rebuilding work, BITZER Authorized Service Centres have work-shops to disassemble and rebuild in conditions of cleanliness.

Often, the cause of compressor troubles is external to the compressor itself and the Field Service providers are well equipped to manage system fault diagnosis and analysis.

  • BITZER On Site Preventative Maintenance

BITZER Authorized Field Service Providers can offer BITZER compressor owners a preventative maintenance program to suit the BITZER compressor in your facility. Pre-emptive service can offer the equipment owner the confidence of knowing the compressor is the best possible mechanical condition at all times.

Particularly important in critical cooling applications, such as Industrial or medical, this service can significantly decrease the risk of failure or capacity reduction in crucial production or cooling cycles.

  • BITZER Supervision

BITZER India has a service division specifically established to supervise, train and assist its independent Authorized Field Service Providers with diagnosis and repairs.

Our National Engineering Manager is qualified professional engineer with over twenty years field and technical engineering experience.

In additional, all Application Engineers employed by BITZER India are well qualified and experienced to assist in field diagnosis and repairs.


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